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The long way home.

BrokenBear am 24.08.2017 12:50 Uhr
24.08.2017 12:50 Uhr
Hello, friends.

I really need your advise.
Firstly, I`m sorry for English, don`t know German good enough unfortunately.

My name is Victoria and I`m from Russia, St. Petersburg. Me and my BF had a great idea to buy a golf and to heal it. After a long search we finally found a really good one (unfortunatelly, it is really difficult to find a good car in Russia because of the weather and some stupid car owners). We were happy just because we`ve bought it and started to work immidiately. We were very surprised to find an original service book under the rudder and to find out that we can check the hole life-story of our car from the very beginning. We've been told that this is not the case.! We figured out what it was in Berlin before 2002, all the things that were done with the car and the first owner`s name and address. After that we had a plan: to find the first owner and show him his car in it's great condition.

So the question is: I know that it's pretty difficult to go to Germany by an old car. That I will need some special permitions and so on.. Can you help me with some resources with information or adviced where to call or send an e-mail.
We are planning to travel next summer, so we have a lot of time to fix the car and prepare all the necessary documents. We can try at least. 

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1.3 40KW 55PS
86, 83, 76
 GP BX 10
onkel-howdy, Mod am 24.08.2017 15:58 Uhr
24.08.2017 15:58 Uhr
Hi Virctoria,

St. Petersburg? Nice City! I spend a lot of time at the "Peter the great Polytecnical University" in the last 3 years wink

To find the owner is not the biggest problem. Di you have the old german registration? The "KFZ Brief"? In this document there is the adress of the last owner.

I know that is travelling to russia or from russia to the EU is not so easy. I always booked my visa with a special visa agency. YES I had to pay for that, but I never had problems with something. If you want to make it all by yourself you can use that: http://www.russlandjournal.de/ru/

The cheaperst way to get from peters to Berlin is the ferry! You can use the Finnline: The price shoud be around 450€ with the car: https://www.finnlines.com/freight/our-services/transrussiaexpress


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